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Sinogold is a technology solutions company established during 2004 in the Philippines. Sinogold also own Dragon Link Industrial Ltd. HK, a high‐technology electronic assembler and OEM/ODM manufacturer of numerous brands of electrical appliance, electronic & communication equipment, military grade radars and receivers and UHF‐based communication gadgets in Greater China employing over 4500 workforce and maintaining over 28 fully automated SMT lines. Armed with a significant production throughput, the headquarter is capable of delivering end‐to‐end electronic assembly and high scale production. Some of the more known brands like Philips Asia Pacific is being manufactured in the facilities.

Sinogold PH operations provides all kinds of contact (chip) and contactless (RFID PVC smart cards), and makes end to end software solutions to the Philippines market. Through the years, Sinogold’s network grew as well as clients’ confidence and trust. The quality of services provided, paved the way for numerous clients’ demand for more integrated solutions. Hence, Sinogold’s business evolved and expanded from a system integrator to turnkey technology and business solution provider.



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